Reformer Dynamics

50 minutes

Class designed for reformer enthusiasts, clients wanting to challenge themselves or clients who know their way around the reformer. This class is designed to flow at a faster pace offering client with intermediate to advanced options.

* Must have attended a minimum of 10 reformer fundamental classes to progress into this class

Reformer Fundamentals

50 minutes

Class designed for reformer first timers, beginners or anyone who has had a break from any kind of fitness training. Our trainers are dedicated to guiding you through the exercises offering progressions and regressions to suit all levels. This class is designed to flow at a moderate pace, offering clients beginner and intermediate options.


HIIP - High Intensity Interval Pilates

45 minutes

High Intensity Interval Pilates, a class that fuses Reformer, Mat Pilates and Interval training in one 45min class. This style is unique to SIXTWO Pilates and is set up in stations throughout the studio with one person per station. Clients will move through the studio performing each of the exercise for a period of 60 seconds, with a 20 second change over/ break. This class moves at a faster pace and is suitable for all levels. You can expect to leave class feeling strong, motivated and just a little sweaty.